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Re-Boot with River Rock

Recycle Adventure 

Usable outdoor gear and clothing doesn’t belong in a landfill or cluttering up your closet. Instead of throwing those items out make a positive impact on the environment and pass the adventure on through our Re-Boot consignment program. Feel good about reducing your carbon footprint and make some money along the way. Money you can spend on upgrading your gear or to plan that next great adventure. Win for you! Win for Us! Win for the Environment!

Consignment Program

Did you buy the best ultralight gear with the intention to hike the AT and never got around to it? Did you outgrow your current pack or jacket but it’s still in great shape?Are you ready for a gear upgrade and need a little cash to help you out?

All perfectly great reasons to bring your lightly used and loved gear to River Rock Outfitter. Our gear experts will evaluate the condition of the gear and assess its value. With your help we will determine a price that will make your wallet and our cash register happy!

Receiving Process: Complete the consignment form for each item you wish to sell in our consignment program or bring your item(s) into the store. We accept consignment gear preferably Monday through Wednesday during regular shop hours. Some gear may need to be fully assembled for quality control. Please ensure that you have budgeted enough time to assist staff with this process. Once we have determined that the item is appropriate for our shop, we will have you sign a contract agreeing to our consignment policies.

Pricing & Evaluation: River Rock Outfitter prices your items based on our experience selling similar items in a similar condition. Pricing is prioritized based on seasonality of items being consigned, as well as demand. The pricing of your item(s) could take several days depending on current supply of items to be priced as well as seasonality of items to be consigned. Before the item is placed on the sales floor, our employees will send you a message letting you know the price. This is your opportunity to agree to move forward with the sell or to choose to pick it up.

For Sale: Now that your gear has been evaluated and you have agreed on pricing, it is time to put those items up for sale. Each item(s) will be tagged, merchandised and put up for sale in the store and online. We will work hard on your behalf to sell the product to someone awesome! If your item(s) sells, a River Rock Outfitter sales associate will notify you. If your item(s) does not sell after 3 months, the price of your item may be lowered, or the item will be returned to you. If it has not sold after 6 months, you will have the option to pick up the item or donate it to charity. Once notified, the item must be picked up within 72 hours or it will be automatically donated to a local charity.

Item Acceptance List

We will consider the following items* :

  • Synthetic and Down Jackets
  • Rain Jackets and Hardshells
  • Gently Used Hiking Boots and Shoes
  • All-season Tents
  • Sleeping Bags
  • Sleeping Pads
  • Backpacks, Daypacks, and Hydration Packs
  • Fleece and Flannel
  • Climbing Shoes
  • Modern Headlamps
  • Pocket knives and multi tools
  • Stoves and Cooking Equipment
  • Filtration (upon filter inspection)
  • Paddles, PFDs & Paddling Accessories
  • Ruffwear or Equivalent Quality Dog Gear
  • Kayaks & SUP's
  • Skis and Snowboards

We DO NOT accept the following items:

(regardless of condition)

  • Bathing Suits or Boardshorts
  • Fashion Brands
  • Cotton Anything
  • Intimate Apparel (i.e. Underwear, Bras, Socks)
  • Roof Racks
  • Bikes or Bike Accessories
  • Climbing Harnesses, Ropes, and Carabiners
  • Climbing helmets

*This list is not comprehensive and is dependent on space constraints which change daily and/or seasonal considerations. Final decisions are made once the item is reviewed in store.

Submit our consignment form to get the process started

Consignor Policies

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Our manager/owner will work with you to best price your item. In general, a gently used item should be priced 30-50% off the item’s current retail price. Brand-new items must be discounted a minimum of 20% off their current retail price; however, we recommend 30% off the current retail price.

Price Change Policy

You may request to reduce the price of your item after 3 months. Requests for price adjustments or item removal may take up to 5 days to process. All price change requests must be provided to the manager/owner at

Payment Policy to Consignor

You will receive 60% of the amount your item sold for in store credit or 50% via check. Consignors will receive 60% check payout or store credit on consigned Kayaks or SUPs. Your credit will be stored on your customer loyalty account and you may use your credit on items purchased in the shop (this excludes Guided Experiences). River Rock Outfitter will contact you within 5 days of your item selling. There is a 14-day waiting period before payment becomes available after items are sold.

Donation Policy

After 6 months, you have the option to donate any unsold consigned item(s) to charity. If you do not want your items to be donated, you are welcome to come to the store and retrieve them at any time or within 72 hours of notification of removal of the item from the sales floor. River Rock Outfitter makes regular donations to local charitable organizations. Recipients of these donations are non-profit organizations who work on behalf of local community members.

Great Expectations

River Rock will only accept items that are clean, sanitary, in good working order, fall within this list of acceptable items and functioning properly.

Damaged/Stolen Item Policy

River Rock Outfitter is not responsible for damages incurred while an item is on consignment. Stolen items will be paid out at their lowest price, minus River Rock’s commission, after 14 days.

Consignor Expectations

Consignor confirms that they are the sole owner of the item(s) that they are consigning. Any consignor found to have consigned stolen items will have their account terminated and River Rock will pursue appropriate legal action.