The Business of Adventure

Ever wonder what it takes to make a living in the outdoor industry? How do products get from a manufacturer to your favorite gear shop? Get a behind the scenes look at the latest technologies with April Peterson, owner of River Rock Outfitter and Ted Schubel, a Fredericksburg radio reporter, as they interview outdoor industry professionals and adventure junkies! If you love the outdoors and want a sneak peek behind the curtain, then join us every other Tuesday as we learn more about the intersection between entrepreneurship and a passion for outdoor adventure!   

Latest Episode

Adventures in Buying

The business of adventure is best seen on the floors of a buying show. Do you know how the gear you see in River Rock Outfitter is picked and purchased? Take a listen to Keith and April Peterson as they [enthusiastically] discuss the process of buying gear for their shop. They tell you why it's their idea of an adventure.