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February 24th

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February 24th



Trekking to Everest Base Camp:

An Adventure for the Body, Mind and Spirit 


February 24th from 6:00-7:30PM


It's no surprise a trek to Mount Everest is a physical challenge, but it's more than training and having strong lungs and legs along the way. It's an incredible journey filled with emotion, personal reflection, human connection, cultural experiences, and utter AWE. Join us for this fun and visual presentation and conversation told from the deeply personal perspectives of two Fredericksburg residents, Jim Keesling and Suzanna Hasnay.


Ticket: $10


Profits from ticket sales benefit Project Green Homes.


Your ticket includes:

  • $5 Raffle Ticket for a Gregory Day Pack stuffed with goodies valued at over $200!
  • Nepali finger foods from Himalayan Heritage.


*You can purchase additional $5 raffle tickets at the door or at the link on our event page.


About our speakers:


Jim is a retired FBI agent, accomplished runner, avid hiker, and climber and is currently an instructor in physical training at the FBI Academy, Quantico.


Suzanna is a retired FBI agent and is currently an instructor/coach in yoga and mindfulness for performance and well-being for FBI tactical operators, bomb technicians and state/local law enforcement officers. She is also a longtime teacher at her beloved Dragonfly Yoga Studio in Fredericksburg!!!


About Project Green Homes:


When somebody visits Kathmandu for the first time they are struck by the beautiful temples, bold and vibrant colors, and the atmosphere, but unfortunately all of these are overshadowed by excessive pollution throughout the city.  Kathmandu faces vast environmental challenges such as poor management of solid, plastic, and biodegradable waste, pollution of water resources, worsening air pollution, lack of open green spaces and sustainable agriculture, intensifying urban heat island effect, increasing vegetable prices, and of course adding to the growing climate crisis.  All these issues are compounded by the lack of public awareness concerning the effects of individuals and their environmental footprint.


Project Green Homes aims to provide a solution to these critical issues.  The project will last one year, include 50 homeowners across two Kathmandu city wards, and will focus on three phases. 


  • Phase 1: Solid Waste Management and Rooftop Gardening
  • Phase 2: Wash and Pollution Mitigation
  • Phase 3: Skill Development and Livelihood


Participants will be educated, re-educated, and trained in various techniques to transform their homes into eco-friendly and sustainable properties.  Participants will learn about various topics, including sustainable solid waste management, up cycling plastic waste to create new marketable products, rainwater harvesting and recharge, rooftop gardening and sustainable farming techniques, wash training to protect from water borne diseases, and more!  Project Green Homes aims to not only improve environmental sustainability but also to reduce expenditure and supply additional income.  Upon the successful completion of the initial 50 homes, the project will expand to additional wards.

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