Every hero needs a Sidekick. Our newest kit, the Sidekick, will keep you ready for everyday minor injuries while on the move. Use this IFAK pouch as a stand-alone kit or as an on-the-go addition to your MyFAK.

My Medic neatly packs essential supplies for two to three people in specific mods to meet your needs. The universal first aid kit is hand-picked by experts, built in the USA, and has a lifetime guarantee. MyFAK measures 7.5 inches x 6.5 inches x 5 inches and weighs only 2.1-2.8 pounds. First aid kit is HSA/FSA approved.

  • Comprehensive first aid kit contains 100+ medical supplies and trauma equipment in a portable bag that can be used for hikes, backpacking adventures, and everyday emergencies
  • For bleeding emergencies, the gauze mod contains (2) 3x4 non-adherent pads, (3) 2x2 in non-adherent pads, (2) 2x2 in gauze pads, (2) 4x4 in gauze pads, (1) 2 in gauze roll, (1) 3 in gauze roll; 2 Superskin bandage packs, which contain 12 bandages
  • For burn injuries, the mod contains 4 burn gel packets and 1 burn shield. Medication mod includes items needed for headaches, pain relief, itch relief, and more. Sport and Outdoor supplies include an emergency thermal blanket, and (3) Super Skin blister strips.
  • Topical supplies contain saline wash, (4) antiseptic wipes, (4) hand sanitizer, iodine prep pads, (3) antibiotic ointment, (2) lip balm packets, (2) sunscreen packets, (2) sting relief wipes, white petrolatum, (2) hydrocortisone packets, (2) oral pain relief packets, ammonia towelette, and friction frosting. Survival supplies include a CPR shield, (2) KoKos hydration packets, and (2) water purification tablets
  • Sprain and fracture mod includes cold pack, finger splint, 1x15 in Sensi-wrap. Medical tools mod contains (2) disposable gloves, surgical tape roll, EMT trauma shears, secure strips, tube of liquid skin, penlight, tweezers, thermometer, sheaths, and a whistle

Shipping & Returns

They let me loose on the website so I’m going bananas!   

Because you are awesome, like me, I’m offering Free Standard Shipping on most orders over $150.  Free shipping does not include oversized items.  Seriously, were you expecting me to ship you a kayak for free??

You are going to be happy with your purchase.  Trust me, I know these things.  However, if your new gear doesn’t bring you joy, like a cold banana smoothie on a hot summer’s day, then return it for a replacement or a refund.  Don’t ruin it for the next person – make sure your item is unused and returned without destroying the packaging.  We’re not animals here!

I’m feeling generous so I’m going to give you 90-days to make a return.  Plenty of time for your mate to forgot you purchased it then you can casually slip it into your gear bag and forget all about returning it in the first place.  No judgment from this monkey.

Don’t be cheap…I can’t accept returns on clearance or consignment items.  Even this monkey has its limits.  Just give it to your best mate as a birthday or holiday gift.  Like they say around here…pass the adventure on!

If I’ve left anything out then you can catch the details at: 
              > Shipping Policy

              > Return & Refund Policy
Ok, enough from me, now buy the thing already.

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