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Kayaking 301: White Water

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This course is for those who want to delve into the world of white water kayaking. You will learn about boat designs, and different styles of white water kayaking. Participants will learn river safety, self-rescue, assisted rescue, basic river maneuvers, and group management in moving water. The venue will be a section of the Rappahannock with class II rapids, meaning that it will be an exciting trip, but not overwhelming for your first time in a white water kayak.

Class Duration:

4-6 hrs


Minimum age of 12 years (exceptions made at the discretion of the Instructor)


Completion of Kayaking 102 is recommended

Additional Info:

Non-cotton clothing is recommended. Because we are in water ways where you will not always be able to see the bottom, we recommend foot protection that will stay on in the water (i.e. water sandals, old tennis shoes) and discourage flip flops. We also encourage you to bring plenty of drinking water, lunch, and snacks.

Also, bringing a change of clothes for after the class is recommended.

***Boats are skirted, meaning that WHEN you flip you will remain in the kayak until you actively get out of the boat. Students are taught this at the beginning of the course.


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May 30, 2017

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Don’t let the price deter you. If you’ve ever wanted to get into white water kayaking, this is the place to start. This hands on course is great for beginners or those slightly more experienced with kayaking. The instructor, Johnny, was very accommodating and was able to provide great instruction and answer a ton of questions I had. I was able to get a walkthrough of proper kayak setup, proper safety equipment setup, exposure to emergency exits from a skirted kayak, time on smaller rapids and various parts of the river to get a feel for it in general, and even a few (failed) attempts at rolling. Our very own Rappahannock provides some great areas to learn on and provides plenty of excitement for getting into whitewater. Dress to get wet and enjoy the ride!

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