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Trip: Government Island

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Half Day Tour to Government Island

Paddle from our location at Hope Springs Marina up to a local Stafford historical site!  The trip will take you along the shorelines of Aquia Creek populated by native Osprey, Bald Eagles, Cormorants and Herons.  The destination is a very pleasant and well maintained park that dates back to 1694 as an active quarry.   Stone from this quarry was used in many Washington DC projects to include the White House and the Capital buildings.  There are well preserved remnants of the quarry and cut stones that were left behind when the quarry was sold after the Civil War.  There are a number of beautiful vistas that can be taken in during the 30 minute walk around the island.  Bring something to eat and drink while you enjoy the park and reflect on a former commercial activity that predates the establishment of the United States.


The total 5 hour trip includes startup admin upon party arrival and final equipment re-staging at the end of the trip.  The trip to the island can take as much as an hour and a half depending on environmentals.  The return trip is typically a little shorter with the aid of the current.  This usually will leave 30-45 minutes to explore the island.

Departure times from the Marina can range from 9AM to noon and are dictated by the tidal action in Aquia Creek and the water level at the Government Island landing site upon arrival.  This trip should be scheduled in advance with the instructor so that best float times are planned.


This tour is not intended for beginner paddlers.  Recognize that the trip will involve up to three hours of paddling.  Interested parties should have some experience in kayaks, SUPs or canoes.  A certain level of physical conditioning is needed. Given the cumulative effects of heat , humidity, winds, currents, etc., interested parties should take an honest assessment of their physical capabilities prior to embarking on this 4 hour adventure.

Tour Size:

Presently, we have rentals for up to four people and others are welcome to bring their own gear; however, we want this to be an intimate tour and will cap all classes at 6.

Recommended Personal Gear:

  • When out on the water staying hydrated and protected from the sun is a MUST!
  • Water bottle
  • Sunscreen
  • Sunglasses with a retention strap
  • Dry bag for phone/wallet/keys
  • Snack
  • Towel
  • Required medications
  • River shoes (shoes that can get wet, smelly, and will stay on)


Policy Note: We are always excited to get our customers outside and enjoying our XP Academy course offerings.  Each course is tailored made for your specific needs and goals for the sport.  Since we offer private/small group instruction, our instructors’ schedules are busy.  Please be considerate of their schedule and make sure you arrive for your course on time.  Course payments are non-refundable.  Your instructors will work to reschedule your course if a cancellation is made at least 48 hours in advance of your scheduled course time. 


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