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Prayer Flags

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Small Prayer Flags

5 Piece Packet, approximately 4.5″ x 4.5″

River Rock Outfitter hikers are traveling to Nepal in October 2017.  To cover cost of the trip we are providing you an opportunity to be part of the adventure!

As part of our fundraising efforts, we will carry your flag to the summit of Poon Hill.  When we return we will provide you your flags and a photo of the summit.  Your package will be available via local pick-up or we can ship it to you.

This is a great way to be part of our adventure and receive a piece a cool memento of our travels.  They may even inspire you to travel with us on our next adventure.

A little about prayer flags:

  • Prayer flags are at base camps across Nepal
  • For trekkers they are symbolic of journeys accomplished and good fortune ahead
  • The blue flag represents sky and space
  • The white flag represents air and wind
  • The red flag represents fire
  • The green flag represents water
  • The yellow flag represents earth
  • The horse is a symbol of speed and the transformation of bad fortune to good fortune




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