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Kayaking 300: Assessment

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The course is designed to provide an award for a demonstrated level of kayaking competency established by ACA standards.  It is a course that takes what a candidate has learned from courses like Kayaking 201 and provides an opportunity for practice, refinement and assessment.  Depending on the individual’s desired outcome, the workshop will include demonstrations and practice of all Kayaking 101 and Kayaking 201 skills.  At the conclusion of the workshop, the candidate must demonstrate sufficient competency in the prescribed ACA skills in order to receive a Kayaking 101 and Kayaking 201 Skills Award.

  • The ACA curriculum is used as the assessment and will be provided well prior to this course by your instructor.

Course Length


It depends!!!  The well prepared candidate can demonstrate competency in all skills at the desired Skill Level and forego the workshop demonstrations and practice.  The candidate that has practiced less, may wish to go through the complete demonstration and practice session before performing the assessed portion of the course.


  • AN ACA membership is required to gain an ACA Skills Assessment (Introductory $15)
  • A course that has previously provided demonstrations and practice of ACA Level 1 and/or 2 curriculum.  The XP Academy Kayaking 201 provides this training.
  • Prior to attending this course, a personal investment in the individual practice of strokes and rescue techniques. This will provide the best opportunity for a successful skills assessment.


There is no guarantee that an individual’s assessment will produce the desired award. Proper training and individual practice will produce the best opportunity for success.

Why would I want a Skills Award?

1. It is an important precursor to an instructor certification, although it is not essential.

2. It does provide personal satisfaction and confidence that an individual can perform safely AND efficiently on the water.

3. This would be an awesome qualification for an Scout Leader, Parks and Recreation staff, or Club and Tour Organizer.

4. Parents who take their children, friends and relatives out may want this level of expertise.

Anytime there is a need for adult supervision, leadership, training and knowledge on the water, it is nice to have at least one person who knows what he/she is doing.  Presenting your certification provides a great deal of comfort to organizers that there is someone helping who has some formal training.

What do I get if I pass the Skills Assessment?

The ACA will provide a certificate of the award, wallet size card, if you pass the skills assessment and have at least paid the Introductory fee. ACA benefits are only provided through ACA membership. You will also receive acknowledgement through the River Rock Outfitter XP Academy letter of accomplishment.


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