Our Newest Team Member!

Getting to Know Julia

Here at River Rock, many people know me for my running background and shoe fitting.  I love spending time with people getting to hear about their goals and adventures, and having the chance to get them fitted so they are comfortable along the way. Here is bit more about me outside the world of the shop and shoes. I hope to get to know more about you all too, so say hi the next time you’re here!

What was your biggest adventure?

This was many years ago, but I was able to take part in a trip to France where I lived with a wonderful family in Nemours.  While there we took many trips into Paris and explored local towns and ventured to places including Giverny and Chartres. It was great opportunity to get an immersive experience of daily life, culture, and food!  

Favorite snack?
I am not a huge snacker, but for a quick easy something, I love avocado or roasted sweet potato mashed on toast with Sriracha and a little salt and pepper.  A handful of seeds and nuts with little bits of dark chocolate mixed in is always nice too!

Favorite unhealthy meal?
Anything cheesey- pizza, macaroni and cheese, quesadillas.

Two things on your bucket list?
A trip to Egypt to see as many ancient artifacts and sites as possible, and to adventure throughout Greece.

What totally relaxes you?
A long run, and hanging at the house with my husband and our cats.

What’s currently on your playlist?
Everything by Pomegranates but “In the Kitchen” and “Anywhere You Go” are a couple of my favorites.

“The Gardens All Nighters” by The Number 12 Looks Like You

“Cannibal Queen” by Miniature Tigers

“Aped” by Tera Melos

“Bridge to Hawaii” by Tacocat

Message you’d send to all clients?

Getting out and active outdoors is such a wonderful gift for your mind and body.  Spending time outside, feeling fresh air in your lungs and letting your muscles feel happy being used, makes any day even better.


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