Our Water Trail Guide is the ultimate paddling companion.  It covers the Rappahannock River form Kelly’s Ford to Fredericksburg, and the Rapidan River from the village of Rapidan to the confluence cd with the Rappahannock River.  Features include :


  • Full-color high resolution aerial imagery (you can see each boulder, sand flats and more)


  • Fully annotated with historical and current-day anecdotes about what happened at each section of the River, which boasts an enormous Civil War and Native American History.  Includes locations of canals, locks, mills, campsites and much more.


  • River mileage system, marked every tenth of a mile.  This is the same system used by all emergency responders in the region.


Spiral-Bound Version –  This waterproof guide is designed with the paddler in mind.  It also include a fold-up overview map of the entire region to assist with trip planning and put-in identification.  It also include a chart of paddle times between all put-ins and major waypoints. For sale in our Store.

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