Ben's Complete Clothing and Gear is an insect treatment with 0.5% permethrin to repel and kill ticks and other biting insects such as mosquitoes and flies. Use Ben's Complete Clothing and Gear insect treatment on clothing and gear to kill insects on contact. It bonds to the fabric and lasts up to six weeks through several wash cycles.


  • 0.5% Permethrin Formula: Repel mosquitoes, ticks, and other insects away from your clothes and your gear with permethrin, the CDC-recommended chemical for repelling mosquitoes that may carry the Zika virus.


  • Repels Aedes Mosquitoes & Ticks: Protect yourself from a variety of disease-carrying insects.


  • Kills Bugs on Contact: Keep your gear and yourself bug free with a second line of defense that repels and kills flies, mosquitoes, gnats, ticks, and other insects on contact.


  • Long-lasting Protection: Spray clothing and gear once for protection that lasts your whole trip. The permethrin formula bonds to fabric fibers for up to six weeks of protection through several wash cycles.


  • Easy-to-Use Design: Easily apply this permethrin spray to your clothing and gear using this convenient spray bottle with an ergonomic grip, making bug protection fast and easy.


  • Child Safety Features: Protect you children with this family-friendly design, featuring a non-removable top with a lockable pump spray.

Shipping & Returns

They let me loose on the website so I’m going bananas!   

Because you are awesome, like me, I’m offering Free Standard Shipping on most orders over $150.  Free shipping does not include oversized items.  Seriously, were you expecting me to ship you a kayak for free??

You are going to be happy with your purchase.  Trust me, I know these things.  However, if your new gear doesn’t bring you joy, like a cold banana smoothie on a hot summer’s day, then return it for a replacement or a refund.  Don’t ruin it for the next person – make sure your item is unused and returned without destroying the packaging.  We’re not animals here!

I’m feeling generous so I’m going to give you 90-days to make a return.  Plenty of time for your mate to forgot you purchased it then you can casually slip it into your gear bag and forget all about returning it in the first place.  No judgment from this monkey.

Don’t be cheap…I can’t accept returns on clearance or consignment items.  Even this monkey has its limits.  Just give it to your best mate as a birthday or holiday gift.  Like they say around here…pass the adventure on!

If I’ve left anything out then you can catch the details at: 
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Ok, enough from me, now buy the thing already.

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