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We Help You Find Your Adventure in Any Direction

We want to be more than a gear shop.  Don’t get me wrong.  Good gear is key to a great adventure.  The wrong gear – clothes, shoes, sleep systems – and you are instantly miserable.  If you have been caught in the rain with a leaky jacket or cold because you were to cheap to spring for the lesser degree sleeping bag then you know what I mean.  While gear is the start, it’s not the end.  We want to provide adventure – we want to go on adventures.

Adventure in any direction is our new statement.  It represents our goals for the shop.  Whether we are discovering local trail systems, hiking in Shenandoah, climbing Mr. Rainier, or trekking in Nepal, we want to discover new places and provide adventure literally in any direction.  Join us for an XP Academy adventure – you won’t regret the amazing experience.


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