Go in All Directions

Be Like A Compass

Be like a compass! Go in all directions!

Aren’t we all trying to find a direction for our lives? Who ever said one direction was enough? What if we want to go in many different directions, there is no reason to limit ourselves! Trying new things keeps you on your toes and keeps your mind primed for any kind of adventure. You may find that the more activities you try, the more you like! There is no reason to wait until New Years to find something new, do it now. You can even think of it as furthering your education and it’s the best season for every sport here!

Luckily, here in Virginia our adventure isn’t limited by anything. We have adventures on mountains, on rivers, on rocks, on marinas, in classrooms, in parks – you can have an adventure anywhere! Trying something new can be scary, but if you have a guide that “scary” factor changes to “thrilling” and you are able to accomplish things you never imagined! Tackling a new mountain can provide a much needed change in outlook of your life.

Here at RRO we have opportunities to learn how to paddle a kayak, a stand up paddle board, you can practice yoga, climb mountains and rocks! It is so accessible that we will even plan it, you just have to show up! We have lessons and events regularly, enough that will keep you busy learning new things all summer.


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